"The Cookout Gone Be Lit!" Cousins Angel Reese & Jordan Hawkins are Champions

April 05, 2023

Athlete Studio

After the UCONN Huskies secured their victory against the San Diego State Aztecs 76-59 on April 3, Jordan Hawkins, an NCAA Basketball Champion, expressed his excitement about celebrating with his cousin, Angel Reese, who had also recently become a champion with LSU on April 2. The two athletes, who grew up as competitive cousins in the DMV area, are related through Hawkins' mother being Reese's father's sister.

““This is for all the kids from Gaithersburg, Maryland, that didn’t think they could do it. I did it. Now you can do it, man,” Hawkins said. “Me and Angel paved the way. We did it.””

Hawkins spoke to the media, sharing his achievement and sending love to Reese, stating that they paved the way for kids in Gaithersburg, Maryland, who thought they couldn't do it. He also mentioned that they both spoke before their respective games and plan to celebrate their accomplishments with a cookout in Maryland.

“I wished her luck. I’m going to see her in Maryland soon. The cookout gone be lit.”

Reese had also sent a video to Hawkins before UCONN and LSU's NCAA Championships, wishing him luck and encouraging him to go get that "natty" for the DMV. Hawkins expressed his gratitude for his cousin and how amazing it was that they are both in the Final Four simultaneously.

Overall, the two athletes' achievements have inspired kids in their hometown, and their family reunion is sure to be a great celebration. Not many families have 1 national champion, let alone 2 for the same sport!

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