NBA Legend Shows Support for Angel Reese

October 11, 2023

Athlete Studio

Women's basketball has long been overlooked, but players like Angel Reese have captivated fans and celebrities alike, including the legendary Shaquille O'Neal. As an LSU graduate himself, O'Neal has been an outspoken supporter of Reese, praising her performance and boldly claiming her status as an exceptional athlete.

The anticipation for the 2024 NCAA season is growing, as Reese is eager to secure another championship and Caitlin Clark seeks redemption after missing out last year. The highly-anticipated showdown between these two promising WNBA draft prospects promises to be the highlight of the season, igniting even more excitement. Shaq shares Reese's enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting the opening match of the new NCAA season.

Reese recently took to her Instagram page to announce the upcoming game at T-Mobile Arena on November 6th. The inaugural NCAA match will feature Louisiana State University facing off against Colorado University, with TNT Hall of Famers broadcasting the event.

In a video shared by Reese, she expressed her excitement for the upcoming match, stating, "Our very first game will be in Vegas with Colorado." What surprised fans was the appearance of Shaq in the second half of the video, showcasing his overwhelming joy for the LSU vs. Colorado matchup. Shaq sent Reese a heartfelt message, emphasizing his love and support for her, and encouraging her to succeed at LSU.

It is evident that Shaq's excitement for the game knows no bounds. Reese shared the video on her Instagram story, tagging Shaq and confirming his presence. The bond between Shaquille O'Neal and Angel Reese on social media has always been adorable, with Shaq never hesitating to show his support when she needs it the most.

Last year, Reese and Caitlin Clark engaged in a historic trash-talking rivalry, which even led to criticism of Reese imitating John Cena's trademark gesture. However, Shaq stepped in on Twitter, defending Reese and urging others to support her. He also bestowed upon her the title of 'one of the greatest athletes from the LSU Tigers', placing a significant responsibility on her shoulders.

As Reese prepares for her upcoming match, she must live up to the expectations set by Shaq and her own words to her 'Dear Uncle Shaq'. With their endearing connection and the support of fans worldwide, Angel Reese is ready to make her mark on the court and elevate the status of women's basketball.

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