Angel Reese Wants People to Underestimate Her

March 27, 2024

Athlete Studio

Since Louisiana State University's Tigers clinched a victory against the University of Iowa's Hawkeyes in 2023, star forward Angel Reese has found herself at the center of both praise and criticism from casual sports fans and expert analysts alike. ESPN recently published an interview (March 22) with the LSU standout, where she delved into why she believes she's often misunderstood.

"I want people to underestimate me," Reese conveyed to the publication. "I'm telling you, I have everything bookmarked for the right moment when everything just falls right into my hands."

Expanding on her sentiments, Reese stated, "They said I was too worried about social media, my GPA was low, I was pregnant. Yeah, my stats have gone down maybe four to five points because I'm on a way better team this year. But I'm still averaging a double-double every game. I think people don't realize I can do 10,000 things and still be good at all of them. And I can't wait ‘til everything just falls right into place."

Reflecting on her formative years at Baltimore's St. Frances Academy, the 21-year-old shared, "I think that's why I'm so hungry. That's why I'm always so competitive [and] have a really competitive edge. I know where I come from, back to my high school, [and] just going into a rougher area, which is Baltimore, and having to kind of get it out the mud and having a chip on my shoulder."

This isn't the first instance where Reese has addressed how she handles critics in the media. Speaking to REVOLT, she articulated, "For me, you take the good with the bad. I get a lot of positives, so I understand there will be negatives, and if you’re not getting hate, you’re not doing something right. People will always have something to say and it’s normal in the world. They can’t change anything I do or my perspective of things, as I’m going to stand on what I say. That’s just how I move with things."

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