Angel Reese's Response to A'ja Wilson's New Book

February 22, 2024

Angel Reese

Recently, WNBA A'ja Wilson, touched the hearts of many with her latest book, "Dear Black Girls: How to be True to You". This literary work is an ode to empowerment and inspiration, and Angel Reese had an emotional response to it.

In an emotional Instagram post, Reese voiced her enthusiasm for Wilson's book, acknowledging its importance in uplifting young black girls. "So excited for this new read! Thank you A for being such an inspiration to me and other Black girls!" Reese wrote, mirroring the joy and gratitude stirred by Wilson's work.

Wilson's book, deeply rooted in her own experiences of growing up as a black girl in America, found a strong resonance with Reese, who has navigated a similar path of overcoming hurdles and shattering stereotypes.

Whether it's through her commitment to empowering young black girls or her relentless pursuit of excellence on the basketball court, Angel Reese, the Bayou Barbie, continues to inspire and make a difference, both on and off the court.

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