Angel Reese in 2023 Amazon College Commercial

July 27, 2023

Athlete Studio

July 2023 marked an exciting time for college students and avid online shoppers alike, as the renowned Amazon Prime Day concluded with a captivating commercial showcasing the effortless ways to transform your college dorm room into a personalized haven. Stepping into the spotlight were two influential figures from the world of basketball, Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson. Together, they brought a refreshing energy to the ad, engaging in playful banter while demonstrating how Amazon can fulfill every dorm room need. This commercial quickly became a viral sensation, captivating audiences across the globe. 

American Basketball Stars: Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson

Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson, both rising stars in the world of American basketball, assumed the roles of college students in the 2023 Amazon "College Dormz" commercial. Their task was to curate their dorm rooms with essential products for a comfortable and enjoyable college experience. With Amazon's seamless delivery services, they effortlessly transformed their living spaces with everything they needed, conveniently arriving at their doorstep.

Amazon's selection of Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson for their "college dormz" commercial was a deliberate choice. These two remarkable young women embody the image of successful college students who strive to organize their lives efficiently, enabling them to excel academically and athletically. Their relatability resonates with countless young women across the United States, as they effortlessly showcase the simplicity of transforming a dorm room into a personalized sanctuary. With the added convenience of having packages delivered right to your door, the possibilities are endless.

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