Angel Reese Honors Kobe Bryant Legacy

September 08, 2023

Athlete Studio

It has been three years since the tragic loss of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, but his impact continues to resonate with fans and NBA enthusiasts worldwide. While Kobe never played college basketball himself, his legacy has made its way into the halls of a winning collegiate team, specifically the university where his former teammate Shaquille O'Neal once played. And now, LSU star Angel Reese has joined in commemorating the late legend.

Bryant's foundation, in partnership with a $153.5 billion company, is introducing a new line of apparel, renewing their relationship. This announcement has created a wave of excitement among members of the prominent LSU Women's Basketball Team.

Just a few hours ago, the official Instagram account of the LSU Women's Basketball Team shared a video that has captured the attention of fans. The video features prominent LSU players, including Flau'jae Johnson and Angel Reese, playfully holding a pair of Nike shoes as if they were headsets. These black and white sneakers bear the names "Kobe" and "Gigi" on their back, paying tribute to Kobe Bryant and his daughter.

In another clip attached to the video, the team is seen unboxing a pair of Nike shoes in a vibrant green color, featuring a large black Nike logo on one side.

The heartwarming video concludes with Angel Reese and her teammates turning towards the camera and expressing their gratitude, saying "Thank you Vanessa" - a touching acknowledgment to Kobe Bryant's wife.

Notably, during the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA March Madness tournament, the LSU Tigers women's team proudly sported the green sneakers, showcasing their support for the Bryant family and their commitment to honoring Kobe and Gianna's legacy.

This heartwarming video shared by the LSU Tigers comes shortly after the announcement that the team, along with five other teams, will be honoring Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna during the upcoming season by wearing shoes bearing their names.

The legacy of Kobe Bryant lives on, not only in the hearts of his fans but also in the actions and tributes of athletes like Angel Reese and the LSU Women's Basketball Team. As they step onto the court adorned in the sneakers that bear the Bryant name, they carry with them the spirit and inspiration of a basketball icon.

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