Angel Reese hits 1 Million Followers on Instagram

April 05, 2023

Athlete Studio

LSU's Angel Reese, also known as the Bayou Barbie, has experienced a significant increase in her Instagram following, reaching almost 1.1 million in just two days.

This surge has boosted her earning potential for sponsored posts to $2,974, an increase of approximately $1,200. 

During LSU's NCAA championship game, Reese achieved her 34th double-double, setting a new record for the most double-doubles in a single season. She was also named Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four by the NCAA.  

Bayou Barbie’s hype reached a fever pitch throughout March Madness with LSU fans holding up signs and billboards with Reese's face on them. Angel Reese backed up her talk off the court with her play on the court which endeared her to the LSU faithful.  

Reese has already worked with several companies, including TurboTax, McDonald's, and Coach, which she partnered with to release a purse collection. Reese has reportedly earned six figures from her NIL brand deals, making her one of the most lucrative college basketball players ever. 

After leading the Tigers to their first-ever national championship, Reese even shared a picture of herself exiting a private plane with Louis Vuitton bags and a bouquet of flowers. 

Reese, who was an All-American, transferred to LSU after playing two seasons at Maryland. 

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