Angel Reese Headlines Reebok's Newest Apparel Line

February 29, 2024

Athlete Studio

Angel Reese has achieved remarkable success in establishing her brand through name, image, and likeness (NIL). Last year, Reese entered into a NIL partnership with Reebok, marking the athletic shoe and apparel company's initial move after appointing Shaquille O'Neal as the President of Basketball. While the specific details of the deal were undisclosed when it was announced, it was evident that Reese's involvement would signify a new chapter for Reebok's influence in the realm of basketball. This week, Reebok declared that Reese will be featured in its upcoming 'Not Made to Be Subtle' clothing campaign.

The 'Not Made to Be Subtle' apparel line, encompassing both lifestyle and sportswear clothing, conveys a message of empowerment, encouraging women to express their true selves through fashion. Reese, known for championing authenticity throughout her collegiate career, remains steadfast in her commitment to genuine self-expression, even when facing criticism for her playing style during LSU's historic run in the 2023 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

“I love using fashion as a vehicle for creativity and expression in everything I do,” expressed Reese. “The Not Made to Be Subtle collection lets me do just that – with bright, bold colors and unique designs, I can express myself, tackle an intense workout, and show up with style every day in confidence.”

Reebok is pushing boundaries with the 'Not Made to Be Subtle' line, introducing groundbreaking design elements. The collection includes various products such as the Lux Couture Crop top and leggings, along with a studio editorial jacket and jumpsuit as part of the lifestyle apparel line. The official release date for the line is set for March 8th, heralding a new era in fashion and performance wear.

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