Angel Reese gives headphones to LSU men’s basketball players & coaches

February 09, 2024

Angel Reese

As a token of her appreciation for their support, Angel Reese presented the men's team with brand new, purple and gold Beats by Dre headphones before their game this Wednesday. This surprise gesture wasn't just limited to the players, but also included the coaches on the team. 

On a video posted to social media, Angel expressed her gratitude saying, "I just wanted to say that I appreciate you, I appreciate you guys supporting me, supporting our team" 

Reese didn't stop at the men's team. She extended her generosity to her own teammates and coaches on the LSU women's basketball team as well. They also received Beats by Dre headphones before their game against South Carolina.

Angel Reese's thoughtful gesture has not only fostered a sense of unity among the LSU basketball teams, but also reminded us of the importance of mutual support and appreciation within a community.

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