Angel Reese Draws Attention to Racial, Gender Wealth Gaps

March 21, 2024

Athlete Studio

LSU women's basketball senior forward Angel Reese is set to make waves during March Madness, but not just on the court. She'll also be featured in a compelling commercial advocating for greater attention to be paid to the wealth gap between races, particularly concerning Black women.

In the commercial, Reese emphasizes the importance of addressing the racial wealth gap, highlighting its impact on Black women's ability to leave a lasting legacy. "The racial wealth gap impacts Black women’s ability to leave a legacy behind," Reese states in the ad. "Let’s use our voices and close the opportunity gap."

Scheduled to air during the Elite Eight and Final Four games on ESPN and Connected TV, this commercial campaign featuring the 21-year-old standout from Baltimore, along with her mother, Angel Webb Reese, commenced airing in the Washington area on Monday.

The ad not only celebrates Reese's athletic prowess but also pays homage to the traits she inherited from her mother, who also had a successful basketball career. It draws attention to the fact that only 17% of Black women feel their interests are adequately represented by policymakers in Washington.

Partnering with financial institution Goldman Sachs in a "name, image, likeness" deal, Reese is promoting the One Million Black Women investment initiative. These deals, allowed under NIL regulations, enable amateur players like Reese to earn income.

The campaign aligns with the mission of One Million Black Women, which seeks to utilize data to spotlight the obstacles that hinder the economic futures of Black women and their families, consequently impeding broader economic growth. According to a 2021 OMBW research report titled "Black Womenomics: Investing in the Underinvested," policies aimed at narrowing the earnings gap for Black women could boost annual U.S. GDP growth by 1.4-2.1% ($300-450 billion).

Goldman Sachs has pledged to invest $10 billion in "investment capital" and $100 million in philanthropic capital over the next decade through its One Million Black Women initiative, aiming to impact the lives of at least a million Black women by 2030.

Jessica Taylor, national director of the program, emphasized the importance of listening to Black women and channeling their feedback directly to policymakers through public policy initiatives and national surveys.

Reese has already earned $1.7 million through various NIL deals, according to Women’s Health magazine. In a statement, she expressed gratitude to her mother for instilling in her confidence, work ethic, and commitment to her community, while also acknowledging the ongoing challenges faced by Black women. "But I believe change is possible," Reese asserted, expressing optimism for the future.

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