Angel Reese Declares for WNBA Draft via Vogue

April 08, 2024

Athlete Studio

LSU basketball standout Angel Reese shares her penchant for grandeur, stating, “Of course, I like to do everything big.” In a prelude to the NCAA tournament, the 21-year-old discusses her decision to enter the WNBA draft with Vogue, opting for a distinctive approach. She explains her inspiration drawn from Serena Williams, who notably disclosed her retirement in a fashion shoot featured in Vogue's September 2022 issue. Reese expresses her readiness to transition to the professional realm, emphasizing her aspiration to leave an indelible mark as one of the greatest basketball players ever.

The culmination of Reese's collegiate journey occurred with LSU's defeat against Iowa in the Elite Eight round of the 2024 NCAA Tournament. Reflecting on her remarkable college tenure, Reese recounts her trajectory—from enduring a foot injury during her first year at the University of Maryland to transferring to LSU under the tutelage of renowned coach Kim Mulkey. Her captivating presence on and off the court earned her the moniker "Bayou Barbie," emblematic of her distinctive style and flair. Despite the challenges, Reese's on-court prowess propelled LSU to clinch the 2023 national championship, securing her recognition as the tournament's most outstanding player. A memorable gesture during the championship game further catapulted her to viral fame, attracting millions of viewers.

Acknowledging the whirlwind of attention surrounding her, Reese admits, “You don't really realize it in the moment...but obviously the things you say and do can change everything.” Embracing the opportunities presented, Reese embarked on various ventures—from attending prestigious events like the ESPY Awards to making a cameo in a music video. However, amidst the acclaim, Reese faced criticism, particularly concerning the potential distractions posed by her newfound fame and sponsorship deals. Undeterred by skepticism, Reese remained focused on her goals, ultimately shattering records and cementing her legacy in collegiate basketball.

As she concludes her tenure at LSU, Reese reflects on the journey, describing it as “crazy” yet fulfilling. Balancing her identity as a "girly girl" with her fierce competitiveness on the court, Reese values the freedom to express herself authentically. Grateful for Mulkey's guidance and support, Reese cherishes their dynamic relationship centered on a shared desire for victory.

Opting to forego another year of college eligibility, Reese's decision to turn professional was deliberate, despite the sacrifices it entails. She acknowledges the challenges ahead, embracing the prospect of starting anew and confronting the rigors of the WNBA. Recognizing the fierce competition in the league, Reese anticipates the demanding journey ahead, emphasizing her determination to thrive amidst adversity.

With the WNBA draft on the horizon, Reese prepares for the next chapter of her basketball journey with humility and resolve. As she ventures into the professional arena, Reese remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

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