Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark Attracting Crowds & Inspiring Young Basketball Players

February 05, 2024

Athlete Studio

On Saturday night, the Xfinity Center in College Park will witness a packed crowd of around 18,000 people eagerly anticipating a women's basketball showdown, featuring two superstar players, Caitlin Clark from Iowa and Angel Reese from Louisiana State University. The sell-out phenomenon surrounding these athletes extends beyond this particular matchup, with Clark recently playing at the University of Maryland in a game where every ticket was sold, and Reese's December game against Coppin State University in Baltimore also drawing a full house.

Clark, poised to make history as the top scorer in women's college hoops, and Reese, who led LSU to a national title last season, have become inspiring figures both on and off the court. The impact of their success resonates with the next generation of basketball players, with televised games drawing substantial viewership and high school girls looking up to these high-profile role models.

"We just have to keep working and pushing ourselves, believing in ourselves if we want to be Angel Reese or Caitlin Clark," emphasizes Jaylah Speller, a sophomore at Rosedale Christian Academy. The influence of these female basketball players is profound, providing crucial role models for aspiring athletes.

London Harvey, a junior at Rosedale Christian Academy, highlights the importance of having role models: "It's really important because it gives us a role model. It gives us somebody to, we can achieve the same goals they have."

Panthers coach Rob Long recognizes the positive impact on women's college hoops and acknowledges that the success of players like Clark and Reese makes it easier to motivate his own players. He emphasizes the significance of showcasing women's basketball on a larger stage, providing hope and inspiration to aspiring athletes.

Both Clark and Reese have entered a new era of stardom, benefitting from recent rule changes that allow college players to engage in paid endorsements and earn substantial salaries. Clark expresses gratitude for the widespread support, stating, "It just shows how far impact reaches. People just love our team. They love the role models we have on this team."

The financial success of these athletes is evident, with Reese estimated to earn $1.7 million and Clark in the $1 million range. Reese sees herself as a leader for young basketball players, acknowledging the impact she can have on their aspirations.

Coach Long reflects on the shift in perception towards women's basketball, stating, "They need to see that people are very interested in women's basketball because it gives them hope." The rise of players like Clark and Reese not only elevates the sport but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for the athletes of tomorrow.

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